Follow-up visit.

This morning we had a follow-up visit with the developmental pediatrician who has prescribed Monkey’s medication. 

He looked at the weekly reports that the teacher has been filling out.  He was impressed with the depth of information that his teacher provides, she adds explanatory notes rather than just rating Monkey on a scale of 1 to 3.  He asked us what we’ve seen at home and it matches up with what the school has seen.  Monkey is making more sustained eye contact and his verbalizations are clearer, more on topic and he’s combining them in new and longer variations.

Monkey hasn’t exhibited any reactions to the medication.  He is, at times, more emotional at transitions but not terribly so.  He’s still sleeping well, except for this week because he has a cold and wakes up coughing at least twice a night, ugh.

We had him on a “tiny” dose, we’re going to double it and switch to the extended release formula.  We didn’t start with the extended release form because it’s a capsule rather than a pill and we needed to split the pills.  Next week is April vacation week so we’ll have lots of time to observe him for any changes in behavior or appetite. 

Though the changes we have seen are not earth shattering they are worth celebrating.  The increased eye contact has been particularly nice, I didn’t realize how little true eye contact he made with us until we saw the change.  It still startles us at times to find him looking at us so intently when we are talking or playing.  I’m excited to see what happens next!

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  • April 19, 2010 at 7:05 am

    We’ve been using Methylphenidate, generic Ritalin. These are teeny pills that we put in a spoonful of yogurt and he swallows them without a problem. The extended version is Metadate CD and they’re capsules so we can sprinkle it on yogurt.


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