Fairly well.

So, the trip to the fair went fairly well (awful, I know.) It was a very small affair (ok, I’ll stop!)  There were cows and Monkey did get very excited about them.  He even petted one.  He was a very big fan of the bunnies and even said “bunny” when prompted.  Last year he was very excited about the quads at another fair that a dealer brought to show off but this year he only had eyes for three National Guard vehicles.  When we first arrived I motioned towards them but Duhdee was not interested in being recruited.  I told him all he needed to do was violate the Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell policy and he’d be fine but he wasn’t biting.  Turns out they were not very actively recruiting, I guess they must have met their quota for August! Monkey crawled all over those vehicles and had a grand time.

There were two things about this fair that bugged me…the petting zoo and the elephant rides.  I’m fine with a petting zoo of domesticated animals, I’m not so fine with a petting zoo of what should be wild African animals and I’m also not fine with a petting zoo with primates.  The monkeys were out of reach so really it was just a chance to see them.  The poor things were in a small cage, holding the bars and just staring out.  Awful.  Then we left that area to see a poor, dead eyed, lone elephant being led around (with prompts from the handler’s hook) in circles carrying load after load of kids.  UGH, UGH, UGH!  It should be illegal.

Why is this sort of thing at an agricultural fair anyway?  Aren’t there enough domesticated farm animals to teach about?  Isn’t the whole POINT to show off local agriculture?  Anyway.  We won’t make a return visit to that fair again.  We’ll stick to the true ag. fairs thank you very much.

Oh, I guess there were three things that bugged me.  One of the most popular activities at the fair appeared to be karaoke. I really admire the bravery of folks who get up on stage and sing for hundreds of strangers.  I could never do it.  As a listener, though, alcohol would have helped I think but, alas, it was a dry event.

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  • September 4, 2008 at 6:13 pm

    I agree, African wild animals, should be just that. WILD in AFRICA. I don’t like seeing them caged and forced to haul around children. I have never and will never let my children ride on an elephant, I think it is way too dangerous.


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