Fun with Cupcake.

We recently had dinner with Cupcake, her family and some other neighbors.  Monkey loves to go over there to visit and play with her toys so we were pretty sure the evening would go well, we just had no idea how well!

She tries very hard to say his name but is not quite able to do so yet, but it’s pretty cute to hear the attempts.  Often they’ll run around and not actually play any particular game, chase is exciting enough for Monkey and Cupcake seems to enjoy it too.  I think her mom and dad like the fact that Monkey is so much bigger b/c when she engages in rougher play it’s sort of like a fly bodyslamming an elephant, lol, and Monkey would never dream of playing in kind.  The kid is a pacifist through and through.

So the two of them ran around.  Monkey kept walking up to Cupcake’s dad and saying “Yo!” to him.  That’s how Duhdee always greets him so Monkey has started to do the same.  We always know when he’s outside b/c we’ll hear Monkey yelling “Yo!” at the window, lol.   Then we sat down to eat and he did really well, sometimes sitting at a table with people he doesn’t normally eat with will bother him but he did well.  He finished pretty quickly and headed into the living room to play.  Cupcake raced in to join him and they then played the cutest game of “peek a boo” I’ve ever seen.  Monkey kept looking at us to check in but he was totally engaged and participating.  It was awesome!

I had to take him home about 15 minutes before bedtime b/c we’d had a bit of a potty incident but he was still so happy and awake that I asked him if he wanted to go back.  He said yes.  I ran through the names of all of the people who were over there and I asked if he wanted to go see them again.  He would repeat their names and say “yes!”  So, back we went.  We stayed 30 minutes past bedtime then he told us “Home” and signed blanky, too cute!

2 thoughts on “Fun with Cupcake.

  • April 8, 2009 at 7:43 am

    Smart young man — he knows when he is tired. Potty incident — not a big deal — just needed a change and a little clean up. Glad that you went back over — I bet he was having a good time.

  • April 15, 2009 at 7:59 am

    That is so awesome. I also love how he told you when he was done and ready for bed!


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