Guest Post – Grammy (Duhdee’s Mom)

Last Saturday, Duhdee and I went to his highschool reunion and Monkey stayed with his Grammy and Grampy.  This is the report we received.

Hi there,
            Just thought I would enlighten you on the experience we had taking care of Monkey on the evening of your reunion.  Simply “Amazing”.
             First he and his cousin played quite nicely in the playroom and there were no disagreements.  We checked on them every once in a while.  I was cooking supper in the kitchen.  Once it became suppertime, I informed both of them and shut the light off in the playroom.  Monkey seemed to be looking around for his parents but I just led him to his chair in the kitchen and he was fine.  He ate 2 hot dogs and a scoopful of Mac n cheese.  Grammy was a little apprehensive with his cousin watching his eating habits but she did fine also.  
             After dinner, Grampy took his cousin and uncle home and Monkey and Grammy played with his train set.  Grammy got down on the floor and got the train set together in record time.  He got into the middle of it and we played with the trains all the while watching whatever football games on the TV.  After a while Grampy came home and got to appreciate Monkey’s ability to keeping the train on track and also knocking it off track.  He also handed the train to me and made me switch all of the cars around in their position.
             We then got changed for bed around 8:30 and laid down on the floor but he wanted to go back into the living room and play with the trains some more.  So being a typical Grammy, we spoiled the little Monkey.  Then I could see that his ability to play with the train was getting a little tired so we went into the bedroom and lay down.  He got a backrub which he seemed to enjoy.  Then not sure if he slept with the light on or off, we played a game of shutting the light off and on.  He kept on telling me which to do.  So I left the room and we could hear him playing with the toys a little.  After a few minutes I went back in and laid him back down with his covers on and shut the light.  I left the door open and the light on in the bathroom because I didn’t need him to be scared of the strange place he was in.  Just after a few minutes he was out like a light!!
             We were quite surprised and happy to have him at our house.  Grampy said it was the best birthday present he ever had.  Monkey has matured so much in the past few months and was just such a pleasure to have him here.  More than willing to do it anytime when Mommy and Daddy need to go somewhere.

Neat, eh?

4 thoughts on “Guest Post – Grammy (Duhdee’s Mom)

  • December 6, 2008 at 11:08 am

    awww….it rocks that you have such supportive family :)!!

    I had to chuckle about football…all is right in the world if Matty has a football game on the tele.

  • December 8, 2008 at 10:32 am

    We really do have a great family. We are so lucky to have so many supportive (and understanding) people to help us out.


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