Happy birthday, dude!


Dude. Are you aware that you are 9? NINE! I’m not going to whine about how fast the time is going because you keep showing me how awesome you are becoming with every passing day. I just can’t get enough. Every time I turn around you’re doing something new and amazing. Something that has me turning to Daddy and asking, “Did you just hear/see that?” Daddy’s favorite phrase is, “You’ve got to look at what your son is doing.” Mostly it makes me laugh, other times it makes me shake my head…sometimes it makes me want to cry because, you are 9 years old and 9 year old boys can have that effect on their moms. You seem to seesaw back and forth between doing exactly the right thing or exactly the wrong thing. There doesn’t seem to be much in between with you.

Yesterday, true to our slacker nature, Daddy and I began preparations for your birthday. What started out as cupcakes we planned to buy somehow spiraled into 2 varieties of homemade whoopie pies and treat bags for your friends at school. Daddy thinks that I’m the one who is responsible for that sort thing but you and I both know that I’m inspired to this madness by you. You’re big, you’re loud, you have a giant personality. You pull people in with sweetness and then knock them out with your humor. You’re exactly who I hoped you would be and half measures just don’t fit. Don’t tell Daddy but I think we are wearing off on him. Last night, when I was moaning about how much was left to be done, he told me to stop whining, “At least it’s not 2 AM!” When that is your silver lining you know you’ve crossed straight into crazy town. I think he will like it here.

Today you will be sharing those treats with your friends. They have been talking about this party for a week now, they are so excited that they get to go…that they get to be with you and celebrate you. You might not know this but you’ve hit the jackpot with your friends, kid. They are, hands down, the best friends I could have ever imagined for you. They understand you, sometimes better than the teachers do. They like you, in all your Caleb quirkiness. They are so invested in seeing you succeed that they celebrate each success as if it were their own. And, honestly, it is. They have been with you every step of the way these last two years and I give them a ton of credit for how far you’ve come.

I won’t lie…your life isn’t the easiest ever. Some things are really hard for you and always will be. I will say this though, no matter how hard life can be…it’s always easier with good friends at your side. It took me a very long time to learn that, you seem to have mastered it already. A loud noisy gym is scary, unless you have someone to hold your hand. New places are tough, unless you have an arm around your shoulder and another around your waist…and they’re both making you giggle by whispering “feeeeeeesssh!” in your ears or tickling your neck. Don’t ever take them for granted, they are the magical Caleb-whisperers and there is no limit to where you can go with friends like that at your side.

I love you!


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