He really is quite smart.

Yesterday, an hour before dinner, Monkey brought me a yogurt and a spoon from the kitchen.  This was his not so subtle hint that he wanted a snack.  Since he’d already had a snack and we were only an hour from dinner I told him “No, put that away.”

Monkey wandered off toward the kitchen and I heard the refrigerator door open and then close.  Imagine my surprise when he came back a few moments later with a yogurt and a spoon.  “No!  It’s almost time for dinner.  Put that away!”

Once again Monkey wandered off toward the kitchen.  I heard the refrigerator door open and then close again.  Then I heard Duhdee say “Monkey, put that away, it’s almost dinner time.”  Duhdee then came out to the living room shaking his head to tell me that although I probably thought Monkey had been ignoring me, he hadn’t. 

When I told him to put the yogurt away, he did.  The yogurt he brought back was a different yogurt, lol.  When I told him to put that one away he went back to the kitchen and was trading it for a third flavor.  Apparently he thought I was just rejecting that particular yogurt in his hand, not the idea of a yogurt, lol. 

I do have to admire his persistance and his creativity.

5 thoughts on “He really is quite smart.

  • August 12, 2008 at 11:54 am

    Perhaps next time I will remember to be more specific…I really did leave the door open this time I guess, lol.


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