He’s a sweetie wrapped in sweetness dipped in…

sweet sauce.

Seriously, I just have the best kid ever*.  This week is school vacation week and he is at his happiest and most relaxed.  Sure there is the whining each night when I get home but that’s only because he has spent the whole day missing me and he’s, you know, hungry.

He and I have come up with a few fun games lately.  One of his favorites is the “Yuck!” game.  He will do something gross, like play in dirt or shove bubbles into his mouth and look at me and say “Yuck!”  Then he watches me expectantly until I too say “Yuck!” and he dissolves into giggles. 

Then there is the game where I lay on the bed and he jumps on my belly saying “Ugh!” Which is a pretty close approximation of the sound I make when he jumps on my belly which in turn makes him dissolve into giggles.

Then there is this OTHER game where I lay, on my back, on the bed and he lays on top of me so we are cheek to cheek and he tells me “Roll!” and I roll over and try not to crush him.  Which makes him dissolve into giggles.

Oh and now that he’s mastered his body parts we spend time each night playing “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes” while we lay, on our backs, on the bed.  He plays along for the first three lines but on the final “Head, Shoulders, Knees and Toes, Knees and Toes” I am expected to sing it really super fast which makes him…..oh, yes, dissolve into giggles.

Lord, I just love it when he dissolves into giggles!

*OK, fine, your kids are probably the best kids ever too 😉

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