Weekend Roundup

We had a very nice, low-key weekend. Monkey is still under the weather but fortunately he’s just struggling with a runny nose and annoying cough rather than that nasty croupy cough.

We took nice long walks around the local reservoir both Saturday and Sunday. We really enjoy having this great place to go! There are always tons of dogs, which excites Monkey to no end. Yesterday, he spent nearly the entire walk with his arm extended as he signed “Come Here” and said “’Mere.” Normally he does this only when he can see a dog but yesterday he was calling for the next dog before it was even in sight, lol. Duhdee and I enjoy the nice brisk walk we can get in while Monkey is riding in the stroller. We’re determined to lose the last lingering extra lbs. we’re both carrying.

Other than walking we spent quite a lot of time in the yard. Monkey ran around and amused himself by picking up mulch and throwing it into the bushes so he could tell me “Yuck!” which I then had to repeat so he could laugh at how FUNNY we are. I planted some Cascadia Snap Dragons in the window box we hang from the front porch. If all goes to plan we’ll take the extra seedlings and plant them in the hanging basket above as well. Here’s hoping for germination! I also finally took the strawberry plants from the refrigerator and planted them in the hanging bags. These will be hanging off the back deck where they’ll get LOTS of sun. I can’t wait for strawberries!

While I was planting, Duhdee was tearing out bushes. He managed to get 3 of the 4 shrubs that are in our future garden out but not without totally dismantling them. We had hoped to send the whole bushes up to New Hampshire where they could be replanted but they were not coming out of the ground in one piece. The biggest roots were all running under the fence into the neighbor’s yard so there was just nothing we could do to salvage them. It’s a shame but they were not in the best of shape anyway so I don’t feel too badly.

The seeds that we started a while back have started to break through too. They’re still in their mini-greenhouse in the basement. So far all 4 varieties of tomatoes, the cucumbers, the basil and the corn have all come through. Some are doing better than others (only 2 of 7 corn plants are up) but we’re making progress. The parsley and the peppers are the only holdouts. I guess parsley takes longer to get started but I’m a bit worried about those peppers! I’d also like a few more stalks of corn to show up.

Still no progress regarding the chicken. Duhdee seems determined to make me nag him on this one for a while. *sigh* He should know better by now. He’s seen my dad wear down my mom enough times to know how this will end!

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