He’s doing fantastic with his new bed!

We are so pleased with how well Monkey has handled the transition. The second night in his new bed Umma had to employ a Super Nanny technique. After I put him down he proceeded to get up and come out of his room 5 or 6 times. The first time I told him it was bedtime and took him straight back to bed. The rest of the times I didn’t speak at all, I just took him straight back to bed. Within 10 minutes he got it and even though he was still awake he stayed in his bed until he fell asleep! The last two nights have been more like the first night. He’s going to bed and staying there willingly until he falls asleep.

Last night I had a work dinner and when I got home I walked the dogs. Apparently we were too noisy because Duhdee heard Monkey in his room. He was waiting for him to come out but he never did. After I got back and was ready for bed I went in to check on him and found him on the floor next to his bed with his sippy cup of water.   I put him back in bed (cup and all) and he barely reacted.

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