His daredevil gene emerges.

I am not, by any stretch of the imagination, a daredevil. I am scared of heights, claustrophobic, I hate being too hot (or too cold), I don’t like bugs and let’s not discuss spiders. I get my adreneline rushes by working on complex legal transactions, get the picture?

Duhdee on the other hand loves anything with a motor…the faster, the better. There is only one reason he doesn’t own a motorcycle and that is because he flipped a snowmobile at over 90 mph when we first started dating. Since that day he’s gotten nothing but a “Have you forgotten the time….” look from me coupled with a “Only if you triple your life insurance,” comment when he brings it up. He no longer brings it up. 

Monkey has seemed to follow me in this department so far. He holds the handrail on the stairs, he holds hands when we’re outside, he never climbs anything other than his 2 step foot stool. Sure, he loves being swung around by his ankles but only by Duhdee who he trusts without question. I mean, Duhdee’s only dropped him once, right? I doubt Monkey even remembers ((But, oh, yes, Umma does!!  It’s mostly forgiven.))

Anyway, he’s always been a cautious boy which is one reason it never crossed my mind that Monkey would hit the door frame in his new swing! I thought it was due to his nature but now I’m starting to wonder. Two days ago I witnessed Monkey, while swinging in his swing, let go of the ropes ever so slightly. I told him, sternly, to hold on.  He did.

Last night, as we waited for Duhdee to get home from getting the pizza he was once again swinging. The next thing I know he’s on his back on the floor looking dazed. He’s fine, he has a little scrape at the base of his back but otherwise is unmarked. We discussed the fact that he needs to hold on while he swings but I’m pretty sure, based on the gleam in his eye as he headed back to the swing, he was thinking “Let’s do it again!”

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