Progress has been made. School, day 9.

We realized, last week, that none of the tabletop activities to choose from in the mornings qualified as a “sensory” activity. They have been putting out coloring activities, matching activities, puzzles, etc. These are all things that require focus and regulation. These are not good activities for a child who is struggling with the transition into the classroom. He needs something to bring his arousal level back down after that stress.

The teacher, who is amazing, added a sensory option to the tabletop activities at our request. There is now a table with little bins of colored sand available each morning. There are “treasures” buried in the sand for the kids to dig out. It’s amazing what a difference this one little change has made and it’s an activity that all of the kids in this classroom choose whenever there’s an open seat at that station! 

Yesterday morning, after we finished the “check-in” routine, Monkey’s teacher approached. This is when we make the final switch from Money and Honey to school. Monkey had been clinging to Duhdee for “one more hug” each morning but yesterday, as the teacher approached, he smiled one of his huge, contagious smiles and reached out for her. He took her hand, they walked to the table with the sand and then he couldn’t even bother with a “good-bye” for his beloved parents!  

There are some times when I am annoyed that he ignores me.  This is not one of those times!  Go Monkey!

2 thoughts on “Progress has been made. School, day 9.

  • September 22, 2010 at 10:09 am

    Excellent! Great news and great progress! A good teacher makes everything better!


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