How about some fluff to counter the deep shiznit?

I think I’m actually going to do New Year’s resolutions this year but I need to scrape up all the wispy thoughtlets floating around in my head and make at least one cohesive thought. So…stay tuned for that bit of fun.

In the meantime, Monkey is at home this week for winter break. I am not. I am working. I’d like to whine about that but I’ve got a damn good job, THE job I wanted so badly, therefore, I will not.

As I was getting ready, Monkey was directing the morning activities. Duhdee was instructed to take the dogs out, the dogs were instructed (from the upstairs window so they may have missed it) to “poot,” Money was instructed to put on “boots,” “scart” and “make tea!” He’s v. bossy!

By the time Duhdee returned with the dogs, Monkey and I were “ready.” He was trying to convince me to carry him down the stairs but Money was wearing black pants and those boots he was wearing had already left one boot print on me so he was not having much luck, the poor little dumpling. He turned to look at Duhdee critically, “Honey, hat!” Honey put on his hat. Monkey still wasn’t satisfied. He looked at Duhdee a moment longer before announcing, “Glubs.”

Who knew he even knew the word? Certainly not his parents. Every time he does this I wonder what else is stored in that not-so-lttle noggin that we haven’t gotten out yet because, apparently, the subject just hasn’t come up yet?

2 thoughts on “How about some fluff to counter the deep shiznit?

  • December 31, 2010 at 1:55 pm

    My son has always said glubs too! Since he is the oldest that’s how all the kids said it and sometimes still do. Lol!

  • December 31, 2010 at 5:43 pm

    I love some of the pronunciations Monkey comes up with. I try to model the proper word but “scart” and “glubs” are pretty darned cute. I may slip 🙂


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