How much fun can one boy have?

Yesterday was a pretty exciting day in our household.  We did lots of Monkey’s favorite things!  We:

  • worked with tools in the basement;
  • vacuumed the house;
  • took showers; and,
  • planted seeds in the garden.

Can you believe how exciting?  Monkey was absolutely thrilled, lol.  He’s such an easy kid to entertain.  Things today that will please him are:

  • no school;
  • the landscapers came with leaf blowers and a power lawn dethatcher;
  • a trip to Costco (it’s always windy, there are seagulls to watch and tons of trains…the most exciting place ever and that’s just the parking lot!); and,
  • baking bread (after dinner when Umma gets home.)

Seriously, could it get any more exciting than that?  I suppose the builders could be working on the remodel next door but that just might be too much 😀

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