I just blew Monkey’s mind.

I have a cold, I feel absolutely miserable.  I took Claritan D to help me sleep but my body reacts so strangely to cold medicines that, although it did clear my nose (mostly), I’m jittery and have been up and down since 1:30 AM.  I can’t take Nyquil or any of the other standard cold meds because they give me nightmares and restless legs.  So.

Monkey just came out of his room, took a turn about the kitchen and then wandered through the dining room.  When he caught sight of me, up before him(!?), he ran to our bedroom to check my side of the bed.  He then ran straight to his room and went back to bed.  Sun or not it must still be nighttime if Umma is up, lol.

He’s now back up and eyeing me suspiciously…as if I am up to something devious just by being awake first.

3 thoughts on “I just blew Monkey’s mind.

  • April 19, 2009 at 8:57 am

    That’s funny. Punkin would probably do the same thing.

    I have similar problems with cold medicines. Mucinex was okay, though. And I even tried Mucinex-D and was alright. I had a VERY bad experience mixing cold meds with anti-depressants. Yikes.


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