It’s a strange moment when you realize that the hopes and dreams you have for your child, the ideals you wish to impart to them are more than you can ever be yourself.

Caleb is, quite simply, the best person I’ve ever known.

  • He loves unconditionally.
  • He is empathetic. He will never roll his eyes because another child is crying loudly and disturbing his peace. It hurts him to see people hurt and he wants sincerely to make it better not just make it stop.
  • He doesn’t ever judge people. He doesn’t care what you wear ((Just no masks please!)) or where you live or what you drive or what you do.
  • He doesn’t care what you can or can’t do for him, he will always reach his hand out to you and ask, “How’s it going?”
  • He doesn’t keep score, any wrong or harsh word is forgiven.
  • He expects the very best from everyone every single time…even if they don’t deserve it.
  • No matter how many times someone walks past him without responding to his greeting, he still greets the next person with just as much excitement.

This is why when anyone looks at me with pity in their eyes…I get angry. Seriously, angry. I can’t possibly convey to someone in that moment the truth which is, you shouldn’t pity him…you shouldn’t pity me…save that for yourself because you can’t know pure love until you love a child like mine.

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