What time is it?

I have been, as far back as I can remember, a night owl. Sometimes it’s insomnia, I remember laying in bed for hours as a child unable to fall asleep, and that sucks but I stay up late every night. People look at me sideways when I say I stay up to 12/12:30 every night but that’s normal for me. If I’m up at 2 or 3, then I’m having a problem.

The trouble is that, no matter what we do, no matter what time he goes to bed, Caleb very, very rarely sleeps past 6 AM. These two things do not work well together! And to add to it, when he wakes up he always bypasses Eric’s side of the bed….which, may I point out, is MUCH closer to the door than my side…and comes right to me. Just one of the many perks of being Money.

Lately I’ve been having trouble sleeping. Why? Because I’m a damned carrier that’s why! Night sweats. NIGHT SWEATS people…I’m way too young for this shit. *sigh* Gooooo FXPOI! Anyway…staying up late, multiple night wakings and a 6 AM wake up call…it’s not pretty. Caleb usually finds ways to make everything he does cute…but he has not found a way to make a 6 AM wake up call even just “OK” and it sure as heck isn’t “cute” no matter how much he tells me otherwise.

Monkey: “It’s so cute, Money! So cute!”

Mommy: “No, you know what is cute? You SLEEPING in. That is so CUTE it would blow my mind!”

NO, I don’t ever say that. Sigh. I do think it pretty hard though.

Until this morning I would have sworn up and down ((and sideways too.)) that there is no such thing as a cute wake up call…and I would have been proven wrong, as I so often am, by Caleb.

Curious what a cute wake up call is like? It’s my little Monkey standing at the side of the bed whispering.

Monkey: “What time is it, honey?’

Mommy: “What?”

Monkey: “What time is it, honey?”

Mommy: “I dunno, bud, what time is it?”

Monkey: “It’s six-firty, Money. Six-firty.”

A year ago…we barely had SENTENCES….now we have paragraphs. Appropriate context paragraphs even.

Now if only I could convince him that he should stay in bed until seven-firty once in a while…

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