I don’t know what to write about!

It seems like school issues/drama have been totally taking over our lives for the last 5 months.  Now that we have Monkey in a great classroom and he’s being successful I’ve hit a bit of a wall.  We are so thrilled with how things are going right now, a huge weight has been lifted from our shoulders and it’s a little disorienting to suddenly have a major source of worry disapper.

Duhdee and I finished our last training run for the Fragile X 5K on Monday.  Last night we did a test run and we’re fine, we will totally finish the race.  The race is this coming Sunday!  I think we’re going to keep running after this too.  I know I had planned on it but I wasn’t sure what Duhdee’s thoughts were.  He is not a big fan of running!  I doubt I will ever convince him to run anything more than a 5K but it means so much to me that he decided to join me in this.

That’s about it.  It’s so weird to not have any drama but I’ll cope!  I’m definitely going to enjoy these days where our biggest problem is what to do with all the art pieces Monkey is suddenly flooding us with!  He sat yesterday for TEN MINUTES and worked on a gluing project.   That is easily a record…perhaps by more than 9 minutes, lol.


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