I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

We had a very nice weekend here. We were totally, utterly lazy on Saturday. I think the only person to leave the house all day was me when I walked the dogs. Otherwise we just lay like vegetables all day long. It was glorious!

On Sunday morning, we drove Monkey to his Grammy and Grampa’s house for a sleepover.  Duhdee and I had been invited to the wedding of a very dear college friend and we could find no babysitters! 

The drive up was a lot of fun.  I sat in the back seat with Monkey and we made up a game of going under bridges.  I learned that Monkey can say “bridge.”  When I told my mom she wondered how many other words he can say that we just haven’t asked him about.  That’s a very good question, I guess I had better start asking him more often!

Another “game” we’ve made up recently is that I’ll say a word and pause, Monkey will then give it his best shot.  This is how I discovered he can say bridge, lol.  There are two sentances that we’ve been concentrating on for the most part, two sentances that are very appropriate for Monkey.  One is “I love you” and the other is “I am funny.” Lately Monkey has been repeating the first word or two after me and then jumping in and offering the third word without prompting.  I find that very encouraging.   Yesterday I started with “I” and he prompted me with an “am!”  After I repeated “am,” he finished with “funny.”  I’ll have to get his version of “funny” on video because it’s adorable.

After we dropped off Monkey, we drove home and relaxed for a little while.  Then we took a cab over to the hotel where the wedding was being held.  We had so much fun but I forgot my camera!  Argh!  Duhdee even bought me a new one for Christmas that would have fit in my itty, bitty purse.  Bummer because I really wish I could have gotten a picture of Duhdee as he nearly strangled himself while trying to break open the pinata! ((Seriously the most fun I’ve ever had at a wedding!))   I will have to see if I can get copies of a few of the pictures because the brides looked beautiful and it’s not that often that there is someone to take pictures of Duhdee and I together, all dressed up even!

Duhdee is off picking up Monkey, he seems to have enjoyed his overnight visit according to the early reports but this is no surprise.  He loves staying the night up there.  He knows where the peanut butter is stored and they have two little doggies who will play “fetch” (as opposed to our medium sized doggies who only play “keep away,” which is not nearly as much fun!)  What more can a boy ask for?

One thought on “I hope everyone enjoyed the weekend!

  • December 29, 2008 at 3:51 pm

    Matty still amazes us with words he can say. Like you we just never think to ask 🙂


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