I love a new blog!

So, one of my new fragile x mom friends (And I’m only using this distinction once to explain the connection. In the future she shall just be referred to as my friend or my friend who says f*ck a lot ((WITHOUT THE * PEEPS, SHE IS HARDCORE!)) or maybe even just Kathleen if I’m feeling nutty) recently confessed that she’s been writing a blog!

I will overlook her failure to confess immediately upon meeting me because it is hella weird to bring up your blog in conversation, “Hi, mah name is Umma. I have a blog! Will you be my friend?”

As much as I’d LOVE to say my life is the only true example of how one lives with fragile x ((HA HA! Can you even imagine?? We would have a whoooole lotta people on anti-depressants if that were the case.)) it’s important to remember that I didn’t just spring up happy and well medicated overnight. I didn’t even blog when we were newly diagnosed because I could not string together a coherent thought for TWO YEARS. Then it took me TWO MORE YEARS to get to anything close to where I am today.

It is so important for newly diagnosed parents to be able to find others who are walking the path with them. I’m sure many of my posts make newly diagnosed parents want to dig my eyes out. I would have HATED me back then…BLACK RAGING HATRED…not the cute little x-| kind.  So, may I introduce my friend who says fuck a lot?



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