I smell like maple syrup.

I had so much maple syrup yesterday that I think I will be sweating maple syrup for the rest of the week!  We had…vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, maple whoopie pies, maple butter, more vanilla ice cream with maple syrup, maple peanuts…I passed on maple baked beans, maple cotton candy, maple doughnuts and pancakes with maple syrup.  And this was all before lunch.  I think I’ve had my fill of maple syrup for a while!

Maine Maple Syrup Sunday is one of my favorite days.  We visited 5 sugar shacks, 3 of which were on working farms.  We rode on a wagon pulled by a team of draft horses (“Cows!” according to Monkey, to the amusement of the gentleman driving the team.)  We smelled manure and old silage…I prefer the smell of manure.  We saw calves, pigs, cows, more horses and farm dogs.  We froze our noses and toeses and enjoyed time with family and friends.  See why I love it?

Monkey did not love it so much.  We had to get up early.  Everytime we stopped at a sugar shack he had to shut off his movie (either “A Bugs Life” or “Monsters, Inc.”) and walk around in a crowd.  He was so completely unimpressed until he had a bite of maple whoopie pie.  After that first taste, though, he followed Duhdee around with his mouth open like a baby bird.  “Pie?  I want?  Monkey ((He doesn’t call himself Monkey.  If we’re friends on Facebook, he says his name and replaces the middle letter with a “y” and it’s so frickin’ cute.)) turn?”  He ate 1/2 of one…it’s a good thing he’s cute when he’s on a sugar high, lol.  The bunny hopping and galloping were especially amusing.

And, to make yesterday even more exciting, I think I found a therapeutic riding location!  It’s a long drive but they have Saturday hours and it’s not that far from my parent’s house so we could visit family while were up there too.  Here’s hoping their wait list for Saturday hours isn’t terribly long (the locations close to us have 2 YEAR waiting lists!)

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  • March 29, 2010 at 10:50 pm

    conversation with grown-man-with-children supervisor: Him “that’s just retarded” Me ” the word you want is ridiculous” Him: ‘retarded’ Me: “the word you want is ridiculous” him: “that’s ridiculous.
    WOOT. only 6 billion to go


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