How long should it take?

We had our IEP meeting last Thursday, we still don’t have a copy of the IEP to sign.  I asked Monkey’s teacher this morning and she said she gave the team a Wednesday deadline to enter changes.  A week?  I wonder what they’re changing, we didn’t have many comments to their draft.  I like these people, they’re a great group of providers and I’d love to keep them for another year…but this makes me suspicious, I hate that.

Potentially adding to my paranoia, I bought “Wrightslaw:  All About IEPs” and it arrived last night.  I like the way it’s set up, it’s very accessible.  After a quick browsing I’ve already picked up on a number of things our district does that they should not…maybe I shouldn’t read it after all, lol.

2 thoughts on “How long should it take?

  • March 31, 2010 at 5:53 am

    We had out IFSP on the 15h and I have not recieved copies of it, nor is it finalized. We however are asking for new services that need to be approved, so perhaps thats why its longer? I just emailed my case worker to follow up on getting an OT Eval, one of the things she recommended, and got an Auto Responce that she is out of the office and they are closed for “Cesear Chavez Day” a wednesday in the middle of the week, little know Holiday, I guess maybe it is there way of saving money? Are there things that changed from last year that they might have to figure out how to impliment, and thats could be taking longer? It can;t hurt to email and ask when they predict you might have a copy.
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  • April 1, 2010 at 2:58 pm

    By adding the changes into the IEP the changes are approved as far as I am aware. If the team says he needs it, the school provides it. I think we should have left the meeting with something but, whatever 🙂 We should get it tomorrow but we were also supposed to get it yesterday, so. The IEP process is so much less pleasant than the IFSP!

    Our made up holiday is “Evacuation Day,” It’s supposed to mark the day that the British evacuated from the city during the Revolutionary War but it just so happens that it lines up with St. Patrick’s Day…Boston Irish, gotta love ’em!


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