I’m not a grown-up.

I am not going to provide links, you can pretty much read any of my entries and you’ll see that I speak the truth.  I’m overly emotional, I throw hissy fits and my sense of humor is decidedly juvenile.  SOME day I’ll be brave enough to post this colon cancer article I saw ages ago…no, colon cancer is not funny but the picture they included?  Hilarious! At least to someone who’s sense of humor is remarkably similar to her teenage nieces and nephews.

Anyway, what I am intending to confess is this, last week I posted this entry.  And I said…

The ride up was fun.  Monkey was in the back seat chattering away to himself.  Once in a while he’d direct a comment or question to one of us.  The general theme of the conversations centered on the fact that we were going to “Grammy’s home!” 

What I left out was the parts of the conversation that had me laughing so hard that I was shaking.  I nearly cried from the effort to keep Monkey from seeing my reaction.  The parts of the conversation that all started “God!  Holy CRAP!” (exclaimed with perfect intonation, no less.)  He was one very happy Monkey.  Everything was so amazing and so exciting to him, I just couldn’t find it in me to correct him for his language. 

Also, if I’d turned around he would have seen how hard I was laughing and he would never have stopped saying it.  He did eventually stop, once some of his excitement wore off, and there have been no repeats.  *Pout*

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