Fragile X Conference

I wanted to be sure no one missed this.  I don’t think many people go back and read the comments to old posts!

Susan says:

As a native Detroiter I am thrilled to welcome all of the FX community to our area. I would like to make a few suggestions if you find yourself with time to step out of the awesome conference events.

  1. Check out the Detroit Insititute of Arts – it is magnificient. I loved it as a child and appreciate it as an adult.
  2. Lots of great expensive and not restaraunts around downtown including Greektown.
  3. Eastern Market is a Detroit insititution and really fun; farmers, music, food and people watching.
  4.  The Detroit Zoo is about a half hour from downtown and is one of the best.
  5. The Henry Ford (you’ll have to look at the website; too much to list here).
  6. The tunnel to Canada; the bridge back.
  7. Walk along the Detroit River front and you will see Detroit around you and Canada right across the river.
  8. There are several entertainment venues downtown; check for who/what is happening.

Much more but you’ll be kept pretty busy with the impressive conference offerings and again. We’re exciting you’re coming our way.

Thank you Susan for the suggestions!

Also, the preliminary agenda is available, there are now tentative days/times for each of the conference sessions.  Check it out here. (pdf file)

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