It happens everytime.

We go to camp and Monkey has a language explosion, it’s amazing.  This year was very exciting because we were hearing new words but we were also hearing sentences!  And!  He was having conversations, answering questions, telling us about things he’d seen or done.  It was very cool and we kept a list.  So, this is a sampling of what we were hearing last week…


Monkey:  “Close it.”
Mommy:  “Close what?”
Monkey:  “Close the door!”

“Monkey, where’s Grammy?”
“In the store.”

“See the ladybug?”  (a magnet on the fridge, also one day on the boat he had one land on his hand.)
“In hand.” (follow up when I decline to hand it to him, complete with pointing to his hand in case I misunderstood.


“Ivan, catch!”  (Also, Grammy, Grampa, William, Duhdee, Auntie, etc.)
“Are you kidding me?”
“Go this (or that) way.”  (He’d point, he’s got a great sense of direction and knows how to get everywhere it seems.)
“See you later!”
“What are you doing here?” (Sometimes, “Lissa ((what my family calls me)), what are you doing up there?”)
“Tea’s ready!”
“Grammy’s Campt.” (Also, Grammy’s van, Grammy’s boat and Grammy’s hairdryer)
“Hi, monkey!” (Talking to a monkey in a cartoon)

New words (they are crystal clear):

Four wheeler
Comfy (Speaking of Grammy & Grampa’s lounge chairs, they are indeed.)
hummingbird (Also, Grammy’s bird…it is her favorite…and butterfly bird)
silly bug!

In addition he was using lots of words and phrases we’ve been hearing for a while but his pronunciation was much clearer, everyone was understanding him probably 90% of the time. Very exciting!

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