Wilderness Edition, Day 10, Wahhhh!

Today is our last full day of vacation.  It goes wayyyy to fast.  Last night was a rough sleeping night for our crack-head Aussie mix which means it was a rough sleeping night for me too.  He’s generally a freak but last night was beyond even him.  He managed to get himself stuck under our bed TWICE.  After having been rescued once you think it might have deterred him from repeating the move and you would be wrong.

At first I thought maybe it was his thunder-phobia but I took him outside and there was nothing but millions of stars for miles and miles.  There wasn’t even a single cloud in sight.  Just after I reassured him that there was nothing out there to be scared of something stepped on a dried branch in the woods and sent us both scurrying for the door.  Ultimately we gave him a sedative that we normally reserve for thunderstorms but I still lost a good 3 hours of sleep trying to get him to settle down and stop trying to squish himself into spaces that were much too small for him.

This morning, for something new, Duhdee and Grampa went fishing!  They got up early, as usual, but the oppressively hot weather here finally broke overnight and then this morning it poured.  They eventually left around 8:30 and Monkey and I got up at 10:30! Yes, TEN THIRTY!!!  Of course, that threw off the meals and meds schedule but whatever.  I needed that sleep!

We took a quick turn through town in Grammy’s van to see if there were any yard sales but I guess the morning rain caused some cancellations.  We did manage to find 3 deer and a moose in our travels so we didn’t get skunked.  Oh, wait, we kind of did.  Someone had hit one in town recently and the smell was noteworthy. Yuck.

The neighbors are coming over for dinner again tonight.  We’ll be having the 3 brook trout that Grampa and Duhdee have caught over the last couple of days, teriyaki steak, garden salad, pasta salad with shrimp and banana cake for dessert.  And, of course, Maine Blueberry Lemonade *grin.* I’m going to try to avoid another whipped cream incident.  I don’t need to remind Grammy that she hasn’t yet exacted revenge with only one day left!

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