It’s time to make Eric cry again.

It’s getting a little heavy here. There are a lot of strong emotions and one of my most favorite coping mechanisms, when I start getting dragged down, is PINTEREST! The problem is when I start spending time on PINTEREST, I start getting ideas.

If you recall the nightmare that was Caleb’s room redesign then you know, you know, why me getting ideas is bad. But this time it will be different! This time we really are only talking 2 gallons of paint. Ahem. You can stop laughing now!

All I really need to do is narrow down my ideas a bit…

OK, maybe a lot…but, in my defense, I do have two different sets of stairs to do…

Yeah, he’s so going to cry…but I have to say, in the end, my ideas do turn out stunningly so it will be totally worth it. At least it was last time, right?

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