Last night, at dinner.

Duhdee cooked us an amazing dinner last night!  We had fresh halibut, corn and oven-roasted potatoes.  It may surprise people who know me to hear I ate that.  I was, for a long time, under the impression that I didn’t like fish ((Except freshly caught Brook Trout)) but it turns out that I do.  It’s a strange thing to learn in your mid ((Wah!!!))-30’s maybe but I’m glad I finally figured it out. 

As I do most nights, I put Monkey’s plate on the table first and seated him.  Otherwise, we spend way too much time swatting at his hands as he tries to grab the food off his plate on the counter.  Which, eh, really?  Would be fine with me in general if he didn’t then race around the house with his greasy hands touching every remotely clean surface.

So, I seated Monkey, placed his plate and fork in front of him and as I turned to walk away I heard him say, “Money ((Yes, he’s still calling me Money!)), sally?”

“Sally” is Monkey-speak for “salad ((Yes, it is the cutest thing ever, IMO, and you are free to think so too)).”  I told him we were not having salad and walked away.

When I got to the kitchen, Duhdee was laughing.  “Do you know why he’s asking for salad?  That’s what we had last time we ate fish prepared this way ((Pan-seared with a white wine reduction that rocks Monkey’s WORLD))!”  And the last time we ate fish prepared this way?

TWO WEEKS ago.  Me, I can’t remember what I had for breakfast ((OK, that’s not true…I can remember what I had for breakfast because I eat the same thing for breakfast nearly every day! Two hard boiled eggs, if you’re curious.))!

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