*Nod* way!

When Monkey and I are horsing around he likes to make silly requests of me just to hear me say “No way!”  For instance, he’ll ask me to look in the space between the couch and the wall, over and over.  There’s never anything down there so I tell him “No way!” whenever he asks me to look.  He cracks up and then makes the request again.

Since he has a great belly laugh I don’t really mind this game so much but lately, in the interest of asking him to expand on his communication more, I’ve been asking him to say “Yes way!” as a response.  I’ve heard him say both “Yes” and “Way” so I thought it would be easy to combine, right?  Not with my stubborn kid.  The best I can get from him is a Nod and then a “Way.”  Silly little goober!

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