Once again, I am reminded of what it means to have a community.

width="150"Yesterday, I put my fragile X carrier anxiety on full display for you ((I hope it was more fun for you than it was for me!)) and once again I’m reminded why my life has been 100,000,000,000 times better since I’ve become involved in the fragile X community. If you didn’t read the comments, you should go back and do that.

To sum up…this was about my fear, not Caleb’s. I should prepare him in advance with a social story (a handy copy of one to modify was e-mailed to me even), I should invite some of his friends, I should not let this hold me back, I have to keep trying, someone volunteered to go with us and I was reminded that even a small victory is still a victory.

Oh, also, I was provided with my newest favorite mantra…

Turn your fear into fierce! <3

How awesome is that?? Thanks Angie!

This is exactly why so many of us refer to the fragile X community as “the coolest club no one wants to join” or comments that if it had to be something, that we are lucky it was fragile X. I cannot think of any community that is as close and as supportive as this one.

I love you all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

We’re totally going for it. I do have to say I’m pretty shocked though that no one suggested alcohol or Xanax for me beforehand 😉

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