Our first week as a 3 year old…

Hey all, not much to report really. We had a great party with our EI/BB people on Monday. Monkey actually opened some presents! It was nice to get a chance to thank them for everything they’ve done for us in the last two years. And they brought a huge birthday cookie. Yum!

Tuesday was a day off…no EI services and no CPS services.

Wednesday was supposed to be the start of Monkey’s BB 3-6 services (the extra services the school is paying for through the summer) but his new provider, C., was in a car accident on the way to the house! Fortunately she’s OK. She was rear-ended by a truck at a stop light. Wet roads are dangerous.

Thursday and Friday C. was here playing with Monkey. She’ll be coming 5 days a week from now on. He seems to like her OK. He does play with her but it takes a bit of warming up to get there. Barley is really unhappy with her though. She has a toy piano that makes this noise….a really loud beeping noise. It totally freaks him out. We’re going to ask her not to use it anymore, lol. I was reading her note last night and noticed that she wants to introduce play dough next week. Looks like Umma is making more play dough this weekend since he won’t play with the store bought stuff, lol.

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