The beginning of the end

Usually I let Umma write up most of the posts but I had to add this in. Today was the beginning of the end of the Early Intervention and Building Blocks 0-3 services. Today was our last appointment with our PT and it was fitting that her last appointment was a co-visit with B. B. and W. were the two who evaluated Monkey initially when we first started EI way back.

Today was a nice trip to the park around the corner and just letting him be the little guy he’s grown up to be. He was running around with the other kids, constantly going down the slide and babbling up a storm! Yup he was dropping “Monkey Versions” of words… he said “ball”, “bowl”, “home”, “swing”, “hill”, and it even sounded like he said “tweet-tweet” while looking at a bird. He also ran over and checked on a couple of kids who were in the play house. He’s really becoming quite the social bug. Just earlier this week at playgroup, on Tuesday, Monkey asked two other kids for toys. He walked up to them and said “For me, please”, using sign of course.

He’s really made me quite proud this past week and it’s hard to believe that in just over a week he’ll be turning 3 and this chapter in his life closes. It’s going to be weird for both of us to have different providers now; hopefully they’ll be just as good as the ones we’ve had so far. Everyone who’s work with Monkey has been fantastic and has really helped us out greatly! I feel as though we really lucked out with some of the best providers possible.

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