Poor Daddy gets no respect!

When I was pregnant everyone wanted to know if I wanted a boy or a girl.  Of course I said I would be happy either way but I was kinda, sorta, hoping for a little girl…mostly because I am a girl and I “get” girls…I had no idea what to do with a little boy.  Boys have always mystified me, I didn’t end up at a woman’s college accidentally!   Whenever I said this my dear friend Darline would tell me I most certainly wanted a little boy, that little boys love their mommas fiercely.  I was skeptical.

Well, color me a believer.  This little boy is the light of my life!  He doesn’t always save his best behavior for me but he always, always gives me my share of the love.  And sometimes more than my fair share!  To add to the Christmas conversation we now have this little exchange from this morning…

Monkey:  Umma!  Umma!  TEA!

Umma:  Is Daddy making me a tea?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Is Daddy the very best Daddy for making me a tea?

Monkey (quietly):  No.  Not!

Umma:  He’s not?   Was it your idea to make me a tea?

Monkey:  Yes!

Umma:  Are you the very best Monkey?

Monkey:  Yes!

Poor Daddy, it looks like he needs to step up his game 😉

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