R you? Are yar!

That translates, in Monkey-speak, to “Where are you? There you are!”  We hear this a lot since there is only ONE Eggy and only ONE Science and no bedtime can run to it’s natural conclusion ((Which, contrary to Monkey’s current belief, is not to lay down, get up, lay down, get up, lay down in Mommy’s bed, get chased back to his room, lay down, get up, lay down, beg for water (and the cup next to him DOES NOT COUNT, btw), look at you like you’re a big piece of offal for yelling at him (which then makes me feel OFFAL, heh, get it?  Awful/Offal! Shut up, it was too clever.), wash, rinse, repeat until his eyes are so heavy he trips over those gorgeous lashes and falls straight into a peaceful slumber for 1.75 hours at which time EVERYONE IS SO REFRESHED THEY MUST RISE AND WATCH YouTube!   At 3 AM! Wait, where was I?  Oh, yeah.)) until both are accounted for and clutched in Monkey’s slightly damp little hands.

Every single night, it seems, we run through this little exercise and, without fail, I start panicking after a few minutes because WHAT IF EGGY AND SCIENCE REALLY DID SPONTANEOUSLY COMBUST??  There is only one Grabbit but we can con Monkey into accepting our cheap imitation Grabbits in an emergency but there is NOTHING, NOTHING that will satisfy Monkey’s need for the one and only Eggy.  Today, at the Fragile X clinic OT/PT evaluation, it was used by the evaluators to get Monkey to participate in the evaluations and he did *GREAT.*  Clearly, this is no mere plastic egg!  His entire future could rest on his bond with this darned Egg ((Why, yes, I do tend towards hysteria sometimes!  Thanks for noticing, lol.))!

We have dozens of smaller blue plastic eggs and we even have a green egg in the exact jumbo size of Eggy but a change in size and/or color is fatal.  No go, send those ridiculous Eggy impostors straight to that Easter basket we still haven’t managed to put back in the basement despite the fact that we walk by it daily.  *SIGH*  Next year that stupid little rodent better bring another (dozen) jumbo blue eggs because I can’t take this stress!

And don’t get me started on Science!  We haven’t yet tried a substitute there.  I am NOT buying another $30 LED lit ant farm ((I know, it was way too expensive considering I hated those little creepy buggers…they made me itch everytime I looked at them and Monkey?  Eh.  So unimpressed.   But the cheap acrylic magnifying glass?  Gold.)) to replace a $2, if that, acrylic magnifying glass!  How else am I going to find an exact match?  I think I’m going to try these first.  If it, uh, “works out” as expected…anyone out there have a use for 12 poor, rejected, little magnifying glasses?

3 thoughts on “R you? Are yar!

  • August 20, 2010 at 7:47 am

    I remember feeling the same way about Ducky. Punkin has since learned to latch on to a number of things and it lasts for a week or two at a time. For all of his rigidity, he can adapt amazingly well sometimes.

  • August 20, 2010 at 10:20 am

    Yes, we had a period of addiction to some cheap plastic safety glasses that Eric brought back from his tour at his work manufacturing plant. Blake loved them. And my discarded Razr phone. He is very sad when we can’t find it. He has thankfully lost interest in the safety glasses. We got a lot of looks in the grocery store with those. lol.


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