Riding the rails.

There are so many things I wouldn’t have known if I didn’t have my little Monkey to show me. One of those is this, I love trains. I never knew that until I had a train obsessed, little man in my life and I might have never known it if I’d gotten that little girl I had hoped for.

Monkey loves all things about trains.  Our obsession started with Thomas and wooden train sets.  Before we got too far into that scene, however, we discovered motorized trains and we’ve never looked back.  It seems like a natural progression to move from little motorized trains to bigger motorized trains.  Duhdee has some schemes for a large train table and display for our basement sometime down the road but right now that’s a little too advanced.

Besides, now that Monkey has been on the real deal, he’s a little less enamored of the toys. He prefers watching YouTube clips of subway trains “Here comes!” and, whenever possible, riding on those same subways.  We’ve spent more than one afternoon altering our plans so that we could ride a train.  Sometimes we make plans solely based on the fact that we will go there by train!

It’s no hardship though because I really, really, really like trains!  I ride the subway 5 days a week and that is not much fun but experiencing it with Monkey is a whole different matter.  We’ve also made an effort to take him on various “tourist” railways to experience what a real, old fashioned train ride is like.  We’ve toured cranberry bogs in southeastern Massachusetts, shady woods in Maine, New Hampshire lake shores and, most recently, the Berkshire Mountains.  Every time we do this the stress of everyday life just falls away and the 3 of us (and sometimes a few guests!) can sit back and just grin at each other like fools as the scenery slips past.

I’ve decided something, and this is the first that Duhdee is hearing of this, I’m going to come up with my own “Bucket List” that involves all the amazing railroads I want to travel on. 

And, I’m thinking big…

Really big…

One thought on “Riding the rails.

  • October 1, 2010 at 5:47 am

    My dad loves trains, they live in Florida and when they come to visit they often take the Amtrack. last time they flew to Denver to take the train from there to emeryville (California) the end of the line. The trip over the rockys and through tahoe they report is amazing. Next year on Holly’s birthday they are flying to Chicago so they can take that train over to Seattle, or is it Portland, and then transfer to the lin down. Last time they visited we took them on a train ride throught he Santa Cruz mountains, it was great. I should take my dad on a BART Ride, I wonder if it will have the same appeal as a train, its like a subway, i’m not sure. I love your ambitions, those trips look amazing. I bet a train to Alaska would be awsome.

    My dad has an O gage train set that Holly loved watching when she visited, the top is mountains and olde timey and then underneith it he has the new york subway, just like when he grew up there. its really cool. There is this thing you can get for not that much money like a radio where you can tune intot he trains and listen to the engineer’s chatter. if you live near tracks its very cool, I got it for my dad a few years back.


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