So, we made our first trip to the library!

I posted a while ago about wanting to take Monkey to the library but being scared of the outcome. I have been putting off making that first trip since then. There were certainly plenty of other things going on that helped me with my procrastination! Last night, however, Duhdee put an end to the wait.

The weather was so mild after dinner that he suggested we take the dogs on a family walk to the library.  I agreed and we all got ready to go.  Monkey normally has a very hard time deviating from our “normal” walk route and the library was definitely a deviation but he was super excited about it!  I was so surprised by how happy he was, actually.

When we reached the library he was very reluctant to go inside with me but I was able to convince him to join me while Duhdee waited outside with the dogs.  We walked in through the big front doors and he was totally quiet.  He was in observation mode for sure.

I unzipped the backpack and we pulled out the books I was returning.  Monkey dropped them all in the book return slot and then stood quietly in line with me while we waited for our turn to pick up my waiting books.  He handed over my library card and then put it back in my wallet for me.  When the first book was handed over he immediately turned to put it in the book return slot, lol, but I convinced him to put it in the backpack instead.  After all the books were packed up, we left.  He was still very quiet and interested in his surroundings.

Maybe next time I’ll be brave enough to take him to the children’s section to browse.  It was certainly a much better introduction than I expected.

2 thoughts on “So, we made our first trip to the library!

  • December 16, 2008 at 2:15 pm

    he might just love the kiddie section 🙂 The library is easily heaven!!


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