Stay-cation, now with more STAY!

Ugh, car repairs are expensive, stressful and put a serious crimp in vacation plans.  The only good news about this is that we’ve narrowed the repairs down to 1/4 of what the dealer told us had to be done (thank goodness for dads and BFFs who know cars and know when someone is trying to rip you off!) but we are without wheels and our destination is a 5 hour drive.  And 1/4 of hella expensive is still really expensive.  *sigh*

We have food and access to public transport so we’re not stranded…I just need to figure out what kind of (cheap) fun we can find for the next few days.

For a little cuteness…last night I was talking to my dad about the car issues (OK, he was talking me down from the ledge, lol) and Monkey wanted the phone.  I held it down for him, after warning my dad that he might get hung up on, and asked him to say “Hi” to Grampa.  He did, loud enough for Grampa to hear even.  He also tried to say “Grampa”!

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