These things don’t just put themselves together?

A year or so ago, Eric and I spoke with the Fragile X program at Children’s Hospital about putting on a conference geared towards professionals. After a few starts and stops, it stopped. It turns out it takes time and effort and more than one single brain cell ((all I’ve got to spare most days.)) to put together a conference! Are you surprised? No? Are you surprised that I was surprised? That’s what I thought.

Then Eric started thinking again, which never bodes well for me. A phone call and a couple e-mails later and TADA! We’re putting on a conference. I’m still wondering how the heck it happened but I’m also super, duper, wildly excited about it!

The very first conference we attended, about 6 months after our diagnosis, featured Tracy Murnan Stackhouse and Sarah Sharfenaker (better known as “Mouse”) and now we are bringing them back to New England for a one day conference. They are amazing presenters and, if you come, you will walk away with your head positively buzzing with ideas.

Plus, you can meet some of the coolest fragile X families around. We are doing catered boxed lunches to keep lines to a minimum and mingling time to a maximum, we really, really want the attendees to get to know each other a bit and make some connections!

This is the conference brochure with details: 2012 Fragile X Conference Brochure.

Please see the conference website for additional details: 2012 Fragile X Conference Website.

I REALLY hope we get to see you there!



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