This entry is brought to you by one adorable Monkey.

I am laying in my bed with my laptop on my lap.  My son is laying next to me using my shoulder as a pillow.  He is sleepy as sleepy can be but he’s still awake.  So much for T.enex helping him sleep.  He wants me to type, he loves watching the letters crawl across the screen.  I really and truly have nothing to say except that I hate how much he’s been struggling lately and if my typing nonsense and throwing it out there on the internet makes him feel even a little bit better then you all get to read WORTHLESS (thanks for the caps lock, bud) drivel.  Sorry.

So.  Earlier today Monkey made a really awesome discovery!  He can reach the M&Ms we keep on the top of the refrigerator if he grabs his stool.  Yay!  Now he’s constantly running around the house with hands covered in candy coating (aren’t those supposed to NOT melt in your hands, btw?) and a mouth covered in chocolate.  Which is exceptionally nice when he still sometimes shows his affection for me by WIPING HIS MOUTH ON MY CLOTHES!  I know he’s not the only one, do they ever outgrow this though?  I’m really going to miss that bag of M&Ms on the refrigerator.  Walking by and grabbing two or three is a nice little pick me up.  But I guess it’s time we give them up anyway…they were potty training rewards and we’re a good year past being potty trained now.  I think the lesson has stuck.







nnnnnnnnnnnoonoonllnnnnnnnnkkkkkkknnllllllll    ttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt





Errr..sorry about that, he decided I wasn’t doing it right.

So, where was I?  Oh, we have no where left to put the M&Ms and unless we are willing to spend the next bit of time covered in candy coating and chocolate spittle we have no choice but to give them up.  The child is just way too tall.  *Sigh*

He’s wandered off again.  He’s asking for “covers” but he doesn’t want to go to bed?  WTH?  Anyone got any brilliant ideas?  Besides duct tape…because that’s all I’ve got…

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