This should really be two posts, just warning you.

It’s a longun’. 

After our last appointment with the developmental pediatrician we’ve decided that the medication we’ve been monkeying (ha! I crack me up) around with for the last few months is not The One.  We’ve switched to a new generic stimulant medication but not F.ocalin which had been the plan.  Why?  Because my insurance company won’t pay for it unless we can prove we’ve tried everything else.  So. 

Monkey took the new medication on Saturday and had a very emotional day but Saturday was also a day of shopping and birthday partying so that could very well be why he was having trouble.   We skipped the medication on Sunday morning because HE SLEPT UNTIL TEN AM!!! (Although, he did wake up at 2 AM and then again at 6:30 AM and I wasn’t able to fall back asleep that second time so it did me no good but this isn’t all about me, now is it?  So, Yay for Monkey for sleeping in!)  And then we skipped the medication on Sunday afternoon because.  What, you need a reason?

He is taking the medication again today.  We’ll see what difference we see from Saturday if anything.  If it *is* working and the emotional fragility is not a problem in two weeks we’ll increase the dose.  If it is not working as hoped in two weeks we’ll stop and revisit the issue with the Dr. 

About that birthday party…we went and Monkey decided after about 20 minutes that it was just too hot to party and he went home.  Fortunately, the party was for Cupcake, the little girl next door, so going home was an option for him.  Being a responsible parent, I went home with him.  He did eventually decide he would return to the party for…cake, of course.  He had one bite of cake and then our little Bug Whisperer thought it was a good idea to pet a bee.  That was, in fact, not a good idea.  It was the first time he’d ever been stung and he exclaimed “Hot!” and then burst into tears.  We went home.  Again. 

I gave him some ibuprofen and then I waited nervously for any allergic reaction.  The good news is that Monkey is not allergic to bees.  It is good information to have though I do wish we’d been able to discover it in another manner.  Ten minutes later, Monkey was totally fine but my paranoia has no such limits…which means that when he slept in until 10 AM on Sunday I had to restrain myself from going to check on him every 5 minutes in case it was the result of some delayed allergic reaction.  I restrained myself until 10 AM and then woke him up when I couldn’t stand it any longer.  I didn’t mean to wake him up, I just wanted to check his temperature and make sure his finger wasn’t swollen…oops.  But, it was 10 AM so, come on!  We can’t lay in bed all day!

Sunday afternoon a friend came for a visit.  She hadn’t seen Monkey in a while so there were lots of changes since the last time.  His language is clearer, he was social (for him…which means he stayed in the same room with us while we talked and drank wine) and was he pretty calm.  He didn’t stumble across a single inappropriate YouTube video and he used his best manners.  Uh, except for one little slip after dinner when he apparently forgot we had a guest and came strolling through the dining room clad only in a pair of SpongeBob’s.  Oopsie!  He had either forgotten that she was there or he did it entirely on purpose because he thinks it’s funny to mess with us.  It’s really hard to tell but given the way he was smirking…I’m leaning toward the latter.  Punk.

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