At some point in the future…

We’ll be taking off for vacation somewhere for some period of time.

Is that vague enough to pass the internet security test?  Just in case it is not, for any would be thieves who may be lurking on the world wide web, or masquerading as “friends” on Facebook (I’ve got my eye on a couple of ya’ll), we’re leaving a rabid, wolf-hybrid loose in the house with no access to food.  It won’t kill him, it will just make you taste extra delicious should you slip by 1. our amazing neighbors who will e-mail us as soon as you set foot out of your car and 2. Grampy who, I must warn you, is hopped up on some serious steroids at the moment and thinks he’s Superman.  So, there are probably easier pickings in the nearby mall parking lot, FYI.  Though, really, GET A JOB…geeze.

I will still have my CrackBerry and I’ll do my best to keep you all posted on Monkey’s adventures somewhere or other…perhaps…sneaky people we are…in our very own backyard!  Perhaps this is all an elaborate ruse to catch bad guys doing bad things.  Who knows, we may have a whole TEAM of police officers camping out in our living room just WAITING for you.

So.  Later gators…or not…mwah, ha, ha!

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