We had a very busy weekend!

Nothing terribly exciting, just a to do list that grew and grew, lol.  We spent a lot of time on Saturday shopping for odds and ends needed for various projects and then we spent most of Sunday working on the projects.  We completed most of what we set out to accomplish but not everything.  If it weren’t for my allergies we probably could have finished but I was dragging.

This is what Monkey looked like this morning:2009_03_02_005-2009_05_04_001

That’s pretty much how I felt all day, both days.  Minus the drool as far as I’m aware 😉

One thought on “We had a very busy weekend!

  • May 5, 2009 at 7:58 am

    Just looks like Monkey did all of the work and shopping. As long as we completed most of everything, it was well worth it. That is the problem with springtime as all these things we have put off have the need to be done now.


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