We need a little Monkey funny, it’s been too long.

A few days ago, Eric and Monkey were driving me to work. As he often does, Monkey asked for “Donuts? Coolatta fipped cweam?” And, as he often does, Daddy cruised around the rotary and reversed direction to get to Dunkin’ Donuts. No, I did not complain.

A while back we introduced Monkey to breakfast sandwiches, specifically ham, egg and cheese on a croissant. Monkey was a fan. So, when we pulled in he piped up from the back, “Lunch?” Naturally…you eat sandwiches for lunch not breakfast normally, right? Eric went in and returned with 3 ham, egg and cheese croissants. Except they were on English Muffins. Crap. We didn’t have time to go back at that point so we ate the sandwiches. We all ate all of our sandwiches except for the egg in Monkey’s, which he graciously returned to me. Ew.

The next morning was the same. “Donuts?” This time I suggested we get Monkey just the ham and the cheese on a croissant because I’m smart like that. We all ate all of our sandwiches except for the cheese in Monkey’s, which he graciously returned to me. WTH?

As we approached my office building, Monkey piped up from the back again. “Brrread? More? Brrread, Honey?” Eric and I exchanged looks. There IS a Dunkin’ Donuts in my building. We first looked for a place to park so we could run inside for another croissant but had to give up. We were not paying $19 to park so Monkey could have another croissant. So Eric dropped us off and Monkey and I went inside, grabbed a croissant from Au Bon Pain instead because OMG, YUM!! And then I returned Monkey to the truck so they could go home.

SO this morning! We hear, “Donuts?” again. Feeling very smug I told Eric to go inside and get Monkey two croissants…let’s skip right to the part he likes. Eric returned with two bags, one contained our ham, egg and cheese croissants and one contained Monkey’s TWO plain croissants. I handed the bag to Monkey expecting excitement (yes, I should know better!) and instead got rejected. “Nope. Too big!”

What?? “Sorry, dude. That’s yours.” He finally peeked in the bag (yes, he rejected it without looking…you are not surprised by that are you?) and I got a, “Thank you, honey!”

A few minutes later I looked back and he grinned at me around a mouthful of croissant. I relaxed, unwrapped my sandwich and hear. “Haaaaammm? Haaaammm, honey?”

I pretended not to hear him. I also pretended not to hear Eric snickering at me. SMH.

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