Weekend Update.

We had a couple of good days. On Saturday, Duhdee, Monkey and I went to visit Duhdee’s friend C. We got to meet C’s dogs and Monkey showed off his superior puppy greeting skills (hand out, palm up) and even left Duhdee and I to explore the house a bit. I thought Monkey would have at least a small meltdown being in a new place but he did fantastic. He even gave C a high five when we left.

Today we started off visiting one of our neighbors. Duhdee and I were showing her how to use the neighborhood association web site we designed and discussing the upcoming block party. Monkey, once again, did awesome! He hung out with me and played with a Hess truck they had. He even let J. touch him on the head! He wandered around the house a bit and just did really well.  After we had been there for a while Monkey started to get a little bored so Duhdee handed over his keys and Monkey pretended to unlock a cabinet with them! So cute.

We finished off the day by watching football. Monkey really enjoys watching and playing it.  We grabbed his soft football and we had a rousing game in the living room while we waited for the Pats game to start. I did the tackeling and he did the giggling and running. All runningbacks giggle while they run, right?

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