Wilderness Edition, Day 3

Do you know what happens when you spend a day in the sun, forget to drink water and then finish off the day with 2 glasses of wine?  Ouch.  But…nothing some Excedrine and an icepack couldn’t fix!  The good part of waking up at 5:45AM with a pounding head?  Uh, not much, really.  But! I did get to see my brother and nephew, who arrived 5 minutes after I walked up the stairs last night, before they headed out for a day of fishing!

One might think I would have gone down to greet them, and I totally would have but…did you catch that bit about the wine?  I probably would have hurt myself.   Used to be, I could have had the entire bottle and managed the stairs but I’m all “grown up” now and my tolerance is not what it once was.  So, I decided I would just apologize in the morning.  Not that either of them gave a hoot.

I’m not entirely sure my nephew was even conscious enough this morning to realize we weren’t all just bits of his own personal nightmare but he was a good egg and joined Grampa, Jr. and Sr. ((Duhdee and my brother share a name.  They have both so far stubbornly refused to accept my nicknaming of them.  Party poopers.)) out on the boat. Though, ultimately, the day of fishing was a failure.  The newly repaired boat, still not so newly repaired.  My dad is pretty bummed out.  He hasn’t spent the day on the lake since Memorial Day weekend and it looks like it will be awhile yet.  The repair shop, which is a 2 ½ hour drive from camp (each way), doesn’t reopen until Tuesday.  *Sigh*

Earlier today Monkey went in to town with Grammy and Auntie for the parade.  I had to stay home and read.  Woe is me.  After they returned we spent time riding on Grampa’s quad, chasing each other with squirt guns and throwing Monkey’s ball up on the roof.  Oh, also, I spent some time making Monkey cry.  I am so mean.  Do you want to know what I did?  It was awful.  I made water balloons.  And then…we threw them…not at him.  Just up, so they’d do what water balloons are designed to do…which is break, right?  Monkey…not a fan.  He’d throw one and then yell, “Oh, no!  What happened?”  Then he grabbed another and another and another…until he was crying and had snot running down his face.  I thought he might stop but, well, no.

Now, he’s upstairs talking to Barley though he is supposed to be sleeping.  Everyone else has gone into town for the fireworks but they start well after bedtime so we didn’t want to risk it with Monkey.  I’m going to grab one of my 18 remaining books while Duhdee plays in the fire outside.  I’d join him but I’ve hit my bug bite max for the day…maybe for the week.  I hate horseflies, but I still love vacation.

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