The Wilderness Edition, Day 2, Bottle 1, Glass 2

I love vacation.  Srsly.  After sleeping in, while my sister and my husband begged, bribed and threatened Monkey into leaving me alone, I woke to breakfast (eggs to order, though Duhdee was unaware of that until, uh, whenever he reads this) and then a whole long, lazy day of NOTHING.  Did I mention how much I love vacation?

We did spend some time on the lake in Grampa’s newly “repaired” boat today.  Monkey was so, so excited.   He took what is normally Duhdee’s seat in the boat and relegated us to the back seats.  After cruising the length of the lake, the newly “repaired” boat let us know that it wasn’t quite 100%.  When Grampa left it to idle, it stalled.  And then it gave us enough trouble restarting that I asked my dad if he carried OARS.  FYI, he does not and he was not amused by the question ((There are in fact oars on the boat, Grampa just wasn’t up to answering at the time.)).

He got the boat running again and we cruised the length of the lake, again.  He stopped to call the gentleman who’d “fixed” the boat while we sat enjoying the soothing sounds (and smells) of a backfiring 2 stroke engine.  Gosh, I hope no one was trying to fish, or anything.  The advice?  Uh, drive some more…faster.  So, we did.  And Monkey, at least, loved it.  He spent the entire time saying, “Grampa, splash!”  Shockingly enough, this did not magically fix the engine!  I know, right?  Whatevs.  I think Grampa fixed it once we got it back to camp.  Hopefully…since he and Duhdee are headed out fishing tomorrow at some ridiculous hour.  It would really suck if it’s going to conk out 20 miles from home again.

Monkey was not entirely excited when we got home but when I tried to say goodbye before Duhdee and I left to go in town for some (more) groceries he nearly melted down, “I wan stay here!” Fine by me!  It gave us a chance to scarf down some gourmet Whoopie Pies (almost) unobserved.  Yum!  There is at least one gentleman in town fully aware of what massive dorks Duhdee and I are.  He witnessed the splitting of the Whoopie Pies in the parking lot and was still laughing at us when we drove off.  I guess, if I were truly embarrassed, I wouldn’t have waved at him when I first realized he was laughing at us.

Tonight, after a dinner of moose steak (really and truly, Grampa shot it, even), salad and peas from our garden at home we uh…sat….and talked….and uh….had two glasses of wine.   OK, I had two glasses of wine.  Happy?  Now we’re just sitting here, trying like hell to stay conscious until a reasonable hour.

Now someone is, oh, never mind.  I was going to say, someone is shooting a gun off nearby and, to prove we’re not at home, no one is the least bit worried.  Not that it would matter if we were, 911…not so much here.  But, I was informed it’s just fireworks.  So…disregard.

Oh, look!  It’s 9:30.  All the coolest kids go to bed at 9:30 on a Friday night, right?  Oh, shut up.  We are so not old!

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