Would you believe me if I said we’re not done?

Seriously.  We are going to tour two substantially separate classrooms on Monday at the school’s insistance.  This is, as they see it, the next necessary step in the discussion.

Oh, I so wish I could share some of the gems from today’s meeting.  Some were insulting (to their own staff even) and others were umm…outside the law.  That’s a good way to phrase it.

We left the meeting more convinced than ever that we’ve chosen the right path.  I made sure I pointed out to them that we have not argued with their observations, their suggestions or their goals we are just having an honest disagreement with where and how to implement their plan.  I recognize their expertise in education.  What we are insisting on is that they recognize ours and recognize that Fragile X is not like anything else they’ve dealt with before.  It’s a very unique combination of strengths and deficits that you don’t see in any other syndrome or condition.

So, we’re in a hold pattern.  He remains in the current classroom, they continue to implement the portions of the IEP that are continuing (improved home/school communication; sensory diet)  but overlooked last year and we will keep meeting until we either agree on a placement or we move to the next level and invite others in to resolve what we cannot.

2 thoughts on “Would you believe me if I said we’re not done?

  • September 25, 2008 at 10:29 am

    I have a hard time explaining to the schools that fxs and autism are not exactly the same and the individuals can’t be taught in the same manner. So I can definitely believe it. Stay strong 🙂

  • September 25, 2008 at 11:15 am

    I finally am feeling strong. I have been such a pathetic little lump at most of these meetings. I’ve been leaving all the talking to our advocate in an attempt to preserve the relationship with the staff but I’m done.

    Our advocate is GREAT and she has a lot to add to the conversation but we are the ones with the history. We are the ones who can refute what the staff is saying. Both Duhdee and I spoke up yesterday forcefully and with great emotion. I think they were surprised. The team chair at least seemed more respectful and less…well…less herself. 🙂


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