Chinese Water Torture – Modern Life Edition

For the last week we have been hearing a faint *beeeeep* in our house.  It happens at 5 minutes past the hour, 24 hours a day.  We have tried to isolate the sound.  Duhdee and I set a kitchen timer and have been stationing ourselves at varying locations around the house a minute before the next scheduled beep trying to figure out where it is coming from.  It’s only 1200 square feet, this should not be difficult!

This brings to mind another time, several years ago, when we were hearing a daily *beep*  It was at it’s loudest in our pantry but it sounded as if it were downstairs.  We decided that Grampy must have a timer set for something or other and we dismissed it.  After more than a year had passed we discovered that it was the STOPWATCH that we had purchased prior to Monkey’s birth.  We never used it for it’s intended purpose yet somehow the alarm was set before we tossed it into our junk drawer.

I asked Duhdee if he was sure that it wasn’t the stopwatch this time too.  It’s no longer in the junk drawer; we use it on our training runs.  He says the alarm is off. 

It is really starting to get annoying.  As a bonus, Barley is terrified of beeping…he’s developing another twitch.  This dog doesn’t need any more twitches, he’s all full up of crazy already.  Poor sap.

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