Magical hearing.

Duhdee has this thing…he’ll say “What?” after I speak to him.  Most times I will repeat myself but other times I will just stand and look at him until he is able to repeat what I’d just said to him.  I think our house has some magical echo that only Duhdee can hear, lol.

I was amused to see that Duhdee’s on-line “hearing” is just as sketchy.

[11:04] Umma: i think we need cinnamon
[11:05] Duhdee: say what?
[11:08] Umma: i think we need cinnamon
[11:08] Duhdee: oh
[11:08] Duhdee: gotcha
[11:08] Duhdee: lol

We don’t, btw, need cinnamon.  He already bought more. A good reminder of why I keep him around.

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