I am a huge fan of Snickerdoodles.  When I was in college, we had tea every Friday at 4.  There was always a variety of cookies and other snacks and my very favorite was the Snickerdoodle.  I’d never had, or even heard of, a Snickerdoodle before college.  After college I began looking for a recipe, it seemed like such a simple cookie so I never expected how difficult it was going to be for me to find one.

Last night, some (oh. my. god.) 11 years after graduation, I finally found one I like!  Prior attempts have resulted in a wide variety of results and none of them very good.  One batch resulted in my being banned from the kitchen for quite a long time.  Another batch turned out the size of very brown, lumpy, oatmeal pancakes.  Of course I was too stubborn to just toss that mess out and attempted to eat them.  *gag*  Even the DOG (the dog who eats Monkey poop, no less) wouldn’t touch the cookies.  Ha.

Those dark days are behind me now though.  Monkey “asked” to bake by getting out his stool, the stainless steel bowl we use for cookies and stealing some flour from Duhdee who was making a roux.  I recalled that my mom had bought a cook book at a recent yard sale that had a simple sounding Snickerdoodle recipe in it and a short phone call later we were underway.

They came out awesome, I’m very pleased.  Of the 41 cookies that I baked only 31 made it into the storage container.  At one point Monkey was sitting in the living room using my laptop when I heard his little feet pounding across the floor in my direction.  He ran into the kitchen, snatched a cookie from the cooling rack and raced back to the laptop to finish his video, lol.

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