By request, a school update.

Monkey boy is still enjoying school but we can now tell that they’re asking more of him on a daily basis. He is a LITTLE less excited about going each morning but has a blast once he gets there. It’s just not all fun and games anymore!

He’s using more and more words. Last week when they were discussing his classmate K’s birthday Monkey jumped into the conversation to add “I’m 3.” And yes he is…I’ve been trying to get him to say that for quite a while, too bad I missed it.

Yesterday during potty time he decided to try the potty…STANDING UP. Oh boy. He needed a little bit of help from his friend O. (ha!) but he did it! After he was done he told one of the classroom assistants “I pee.”

Tonight we’re going to try trick or treating. I’m pretty sure he won’t want to hold his bucket for candy but we’ll try a house or two. Then we’ll hang out on the porch and pass out candy. He always enjoys that. He’s going to be an old west sherriff. We’ll take pictures!

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